Nordic Symposium on Building Physics, Reykjavik 13-15 June 2005
Paper submission ended on March the 25th, 2005. More than 150 papers have been submitted and we are looking towards a large number of participants at the conference with strong representation from the Nordic countries and internationally.

See the tentative agenda under the programme heading

All bookings and questions concerning the social programme, excursions, accommodation, travels and tours shall be sent to:

Bryndis Sverrisdottir E-mail: Tel: (00 46 8) 545 50 998, Fax: (00 46 8) 545 50 999, Mobile: 00 46 70 233 88 20

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Symposium Orgainzation

The Nordic Building Physics Symposium 2005 is jointly orgainized by the Icelandic Building Research Institute and KTH - Royal Institute of technology

Organizing Committee

Ph.D. Steindór Gudmundsson (IBRI)
Ph.D. Kjartan Gudmundsson (KTH)
Prof. Gudni Johannesson (KTH)
Techn. lic. Björn Marteinsson (IBRI)
M.Sc. Hákon Ólafsson (IBRI)
M.Sc. Gudni Gudnason (IBRI)
M.Sc. Jón Sigurjónsson (IBRI)

Scientific Committee

Ph.D. Miimu Araiksiinen (Optiplan)
Prof Jesper Arvidsson (LTH)
Prof Řyvind Aschehoug (NTNU)
Prof Claes Bankvall (SP/CTH)
Ph.D. Jřrn Brunsell (NBI)
Prof. Carl-Eric Hagentoft (CTH)
Ph.D. Morten Hjorslev Hansen (SBI)
Prof. Per Jostein Hovde (NTNU)
Res. Dir. Terje Jacobsen (NBI)
Prof. Gudni Johannesson (KTH)
Prof. Timo Kalema (UTa)
Prof. Johnny Kronvall, (MAH)
Sen. Res. Hans Martin Mathisen (SINTEF)
PhD. Lone Möller (SBI)
Prof. Lars-Olof Nilsson (LTH)
Prof. Anker Nielsen (SP)
Ph.D. Trine Dyrstad Petersen (NBI)
Prof. Carsten Rode (DTU)
Prof. Juho Saarimaa (VTT)
Prof. Per Ingvar Sandberg (SP)
Res. Dir. Leena Sarviranta, (VTT)
M.Sc. Jón Sigurjónsson, (IBRI)
Prof. Svend Svendsen (DTU)
Prof. Jan Vincent Thue (NTNU)
M.SC.Sivert Uvslřkk (NBI)