IBRI Rheocenter is advancing to be an outstanding research facility, mastering state of the art knowledge within the science of rheology of cement based particle suspensions, including cement paste, grouts, mortars, repair materials and concrete. In particular our aim is to manage up to date know-how in special concrete areas, such as high performance concrete (HPC), underwater concrete (UWC) and fiber reinforced concrete (FRC). Our special emphasis is on mainstream technology like self-compacting concrete (SCC).

IBRI Rheocenter specializes in problem solving for the cement industry regarding issues related to sulfate balance, grinding aid, workability loss and in particular compatibility problems between cement and dispersing admixtures, which is of great concern as numerous new types of admixtures are nowadays based on steric hindrance instead of elecrostatic stabilization.

IBRI Rheocenter is a center of excellence in cement based materials,
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   Dr.Olafur H.Wallevik
   Manager, IBRI Rheocenter

Dr. Olafur H. Wallevik

Manager of IBRI Rheocenter